experts say they have found the 10 secret places guys love to be touched. Basically, even if he is watching the soccer game and is seemingly in a state of hypnotism, you can now grab his attention and make him feel extremely good, exciting his senses and getting him in the mood.

See, there are parts of his body that are known as “hot spots” which are loaded with very sensitive nerve-endings. When stimulated, he feels good. So let’s take a look at these 10 secret places to make your love life with your partner even more intimate.

1. The Dip Under His Ankle

Halfway between his ankle bone and heel, you’ll find a tiny pressure point (pea-sized) that has huge passion potential. If you press it, you release energy in his body which goes onto produce feelings of enormous pleasure for your man.

This is a move that should probably be tried only underneath the bedsheets. Get into a position so that you are facing his feet, and maximise his pleasure by reaching forward and grabbing his ankles. Then, push the pressure points. He’ll thank you later.

2. His Ear

If you’ve never touched or kissed a man’s ear, you’ve been starving him of a lot of pleasure all this time. The ear might only be small, nondescript and perhaps even hidden away; but you’ll be amazed at how good it makes your man feel when you give it some attention.

You can start with a little whisper in his ear, which can already be enough to drive him wild with desire. Then you can crank things up by kissing his ear. Then, when you know he’s really getting in the mood, you can start biting his earlobe.

3. The Front Of His Neck

When you’re kissing your partner, you probably pay more attention to his ears, than you do to his neck. In fact, you probably haven’t considered his neck at all. If you haven’t, you’re missing out on a pleasure zone, as the front of his neck is a place that gets him all hot and bothered.

Master Mantak Chia, author of Sexual Reflexology, explains: “The thyroid, a butterfly-shaped gland about halfway down the front of his neck, is closely linked to the sex organs, according to ancient Chinese medicine.”

If you lick his Adam’s apple, you’ll be taking him to heaven and back.

4. His Face

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Well, actually, fewer women, than you think, stop to consider touching their man’s face. But a man’s face is really put through the ringer when it comes to shaving, and he thus warmly appreciates the soothing touch of a woman.

You can touch his face anytime, too. All you need to do to make him feel pleasurable and happy is place both your hands on his face and rub his temples. Then, stoke his chin, as well as his jaw bone. He will feel instantly relaxed, loved-up – and good.

5. His Lips


Yes, we know that you already kiss your partner on the lips. But guys also appreciate it when you touch their lips with your hands. It’s important to remember that lips are really sensitive, and if you touch too hard you could end up tickling him, which will make him laugh. This is not necessarily a turn-on, and he might return to watching the soccer game.

But if you gently rub his lips, you could be tapping into a hot-spot that gets him in the mood. It could even lead to something more, so be ready for it.

6. His Bum

He probably already grabs your bum quite a lot. Perhaps he even grabs it in public. It makes you feel sexy and wanted, and you probably quite like it. But have you ever stopped to consider that you should grab his more often?

Men like their partners touching their bums, just like women enjoy their men grabbing theirs. It makes them feel desirable, and lets them know that you’re still attracted to them. Plus, it also makes them feel pretty darn good. So don’t be shy!

7. His Spine

Ever felt your spine tingle? It feels pretty sensational, doesn’t it? Often, our spine tingles whenever we’re watching a scary film, but it can also tingle with pleasure whenever someone is giving it some attention.

If you rub your fingers along his lower spine, it relaxes him and gets him in the mood for a little lovemaking. Then you can run your fingers up his spine, while exerting some pressure. Next, you can try gently kissing his spine before tickling him softly with your hair. His hairs will stand on end, his spine will tingle – and he’ll be ready for you.

8. His Bellybutton

This one is a tad difficult to pull off, because it could get a little too comical. Which is not what you want!

His navel is a great place to get him aroused, but you have to be careful with how you go about it. We suggest that you make circles with your fingers around his bellybutton, before turning up the pleasure by perhaps dropping ice-cold water around the area – or even a bit of chocolate sauce if you’re really in the mood for some fun.

9. The Soles Of His Feet

Men have more nerve-endings in the soles of their feet than women do, so while you might not be able to get your head around this one, it’s important that you understand that touching the soles of his feet will drive him wild with pleasure.

About one-third of the way down you’ll find a pressure point that you should massage before rubbing your thumb gently around this point. Consider it as a sort of pleasant massage of his foot – hey, it works!

10. His Thumb

Yup, a man’s thumb should really be the first place you start, if you’re trying to get him in the mood. Perhaps while his attention is elsewhere (the television), you could start by giving his thumb some loving. Sucking on it will remind him of something else, and will help connect his mind with the art of making love.

It’s essentially foreplay, and it’s remarkably potent.

Stay happy!

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