No one can deny that the most memorable period of life is when you are with your girl friend. recently, a new survey was conducted between men and women and it seems like we have found the answer to the very basic question on intercourse.

This is how long sex should last on average. Keep scrolling to check out the survey results.

The survey was conducted by a popular dating website and they surveyed 4000 men and women in the US  on how long would they like to enjoy the moment with their partners.

The answers were unexpected and it definitely proves that people want more time to pleasure themselves.

The women want to enjoy sex for 25 minutes and 51 seconds. This is an average result.

On the other hand, men gave the answer of 25 minutes and 43 seconds.

When you see the result, it’s clear that we want to enjoy sex as much as our partners want.

The survey results also suggest that women want sex to last long.

This proves that men in the US have best-staying power but do they actually last that long?

The average sex time for a majority of men from around the world is 5-10 minutes and in some cases only 2 minutes.

This shows that people do want to enjoy their private moment in bed and want to make it at least half an hour long but the stamina and sex drive become the obstacle.

So, the question is how are you gonna make it at least 25 minutes long? Put some music or some scented candles. Try not to rush and hopefully, you will be able to achieve this very much possible milestone.
When it comes to sex, about 100 percent men reach orgasm but about 75% women never reach orgasm.

This data shows that only 20-25% women are satisfied and left are unsatisfied during sex.

So, what do you think should be the best thing to make your girl go mad and actually enjoy the sex? Do some research and try to find out what she likes in bed and hopefully you can make it 25 mins long.

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