95% people don’t know these hidden features of GOOGLE

Chat With Aliens

Every day Google answers more than one billion questions from around the world. But here are 15 things you might not have ever known you can do with the world’s most powerful search engine.
For example, the Mars Feature on Google Earth 5 allows users to explore the surface of the red planet and even talk with an alien! Just enter “Meliza” into the search box and watch as your taken to a section of the planet where you can “chat” with a local alien. It’s just a chat bot, but it’s fun to try. Give it a shot.

Do a Barrel Roll

You can make your Google page roll on end by entering the phrase “do a barrel roll” into the search box and hitting enter. It’s a fun reference to the classic video game Star Fox!

Track a Flight

Just enter the desired airline and flight number into Google’s search box and instantly see the arrival and departure times right in the results. Now you can keep up-to-date with any flight without having to constantly check the airline’s website.

Fly Using Google Earth

Visit Google Earth, press CTRL + Alt + A (Command + Option + A for Mac), choose your aircraft, and fly! You can even simulate flying an F16 Fighter Jet.

Search Faces Only

Sometimes an image search can lead to a number of unwanted results. just click search tools, hit “Type”, and select the “Face” option to narrow your results to exactly what you’re looking for. It works for .gifs too! Just choose the “Animated” option.

Use Google as a Proxy

If your school or office stops you from visiting certain sites, just use type “cache:WEBSITENAME.com” into the search box and avoid the block. It’s that easy.

Search in Klingon

If you’re a big fan of Star Trek, try using Google’s custom Klingon search. It’s a fun way to put a new spin on Google. It will even correct your grammar! And if you don’t speak Klingon, don’t sweat it. Google has their own Klingon translator and dictionary to help you out.

Track Packages

Just enter any package tracking number into Google to see exactly where it is. Now there’s no need to log in to the USPS, UPS, or FedEx website!
Reformat Your Gmail Address With Dots
You can create multiple email addresses by simply adding a dot (.) anywhere in your Gmail username. Because Gmail doesn’t recognize dots as characters, messages sent to yourusername@gmail.com and y.o.u.r.u.s.e.r.n.a.m.e@gmail.com will all go to the same place!

Synonym Search With a Tilde

Adding a tilde (~) to your search terms will tell Google to include any related search terms or synonyms you mayhave missed. This improves your results page and can help find exactly what you’re looking for.

Beatbox With Google Translate

It may sound odd, but typing a random string of letters into Google Translate, then hitting the listen icon will prompt Google to beatbox whatever you wrote down. Try it yourself by copy pasting “pv kkk pkkk pvpvpv ppkk pddd bschk bschk pv zk pv bschk pv pv pv bschk bschk bschk kkkkkkkkkk bschk bsch” into Google Translate and giving it a listen.

Cut Down Email Length

If you only want to reply to a particular section of text someone sent you, just highlight that area before hitting reply. This will add only the chosen section to the quoted text and leave the rest out of your reply!

Search Like Elmer Fudd

That’s right, Google Preferences lets you search in any language. Even Elmer Fudd. This is a great trick to show the kids. Just go to Preferences, click “Language” and choose “Elmer Fudd” There’s even Pig Latin!

Browse The Classics

Google Book Search lets you thumb through the pages of classic books, all from the comfrot of your computer. It’s a great way to see if you’ll enjoy a book before you buy, check out, or borrow it! You can even find the latest magazines.

Play Games on Youtube

Visit YouTube, pick a random video, and simply type 1980. This will automatically bring up a missle defense game where you will have to protect your video from an impending attack! Fail, and your video will crack apart. This is the perfect way to kill time while waiting for your video to buffer.
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