9 Physical Gestures Men Only Do When They Are In Love

Don’t we all want to know what is going on in the mind of the person opposite to us? And when that person is someone whom we like or love, the need to know whether they feel the same way about us or not increases exponentially. There are ways by which you can make a fair guess of what’s going on in a person’s mind. Although we focus too much on the words, 93% of our understanding and interpretation of those words is through gestures and body language. There are certain physical gestures that a man only does when he is in love with someone. So look out for the following signs to know if he is in love with you yet:

1. He likes playing with your hair, and his own

When a man loves a woman, he gets a little bit anxious (the good kind) in her presence. He might adjust his hair too often to make sure they look good. He will also play with her hair a lot, because he just can’t keep his hands off her.

2. He doesn’t break eye contact and his pupils are dilated

When a man looks at the object of his love, he is unable to look away. Because he is so fascinated by you, even his brain is overwhelmed when he looks at you.

3. He listens to you with raised eyebrows

In a conversation a man raises his eyebrows under two conditions- a) he is surprised by something, b) he likes what he hears. So if his eyebrows shoot up (unconsciously) when he is talking to you, he is definitely love-struck.

4. He leans in while talking to you

Although it might seem like he is not able to catch what you are saying, the real reason is because he wants to be as close to you as possible. This is also because he always wants to have a close look of what he loves.

5. His body is always pointed towards you a little bit

Whether he is sitting or standing, he will always face you. This is because nothing in the room or the surroundings could possibly interest him more than you do. So he will pay all his attention to you.

6. He will touch you inconspicuously

This is flirting 101. When he likes you he will accidentally brush his hand against yours or casually bump your leg under the table. This will always seem accidental but is a great indicator of his interest.

7. His smile says it all

You know the genuine kind of smiles, the one that makes a person’s eyes all shiny- he will always have that smile when he sees you.

8. He will brush your clothes to get lint out of them

In the long list of things men do to get close to the women they love, this is another perfect excuse.

9. He whispers things to you

And bringing the excuses-to-be-near you list to an end, if you have whispered conversations with him whether or not what he said was confidential, it means that we wants to be close to you. He just wants you to feel special by sharing something intimate with you, in words and in action.

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