12 Ways To Keep Sex Life Hot Even After A Long Term Relationship.

There are a lot of good things about long-term love relationship, but when it comes to sex life, it really becomes tough to keep the things new and fresh. So here are a few tried and tested tips to keep things spicy and hot.

1. You must talk about your fantasies.

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It helps in making the bond stronger. When you share such personal desires, the relationship becomes more comfortable and trustworthy.

2. Plan weekend getaways once in a while.


It might be near to your place. But spending the night somewhere apart from your home is itself exciting. You can heat up things a little bit more by surprising each other with new sex toys each time you go out on a vacation.

3. Giving same importance to foreplay as to sex.

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It is important to get each other turned on ahead of time. Quickers never end up giving full satisfaction.

4. They get real about their needs.


It’s important to express what you want in sex if you want a healthy relationship in life. As there are two persons involved, both have certain needs. So it’s better to at least try and know what gives the other pleasure.

5. You need to have an open relationship.


This might seem a little awkward to some people. But sometimes without being strictly stuck monogamy, you can have a half-open relationship, where you can bring a third person into the scenario. Obviously, if both of you are comfortable.

6. You need to know each other very well.


That’s what makes the relationship stronger and the more comfortable you get in a relationship with each other, the hotter your sex life becomes.

7. You make out whenever you get a chance.


Kisses, holding hands are too underrated. No matter how long you have been with each other, these little things can make a great difference.

8. Share your sexy memories with each other.


Your partner may not be the only person you have ever had sex with. Share your experiences, the happy moments, to make the relationship delightful.

9. Little things should be paid attention to.


Little surprises or maybe cooking each other’s favourite meal are sweet gestures to remind each other your love. And it helps in keeping the romance alive even after years of marriage.

10. Good, Giving and Game.


Sex Columnist, Dan Savage, gives life advice to always know the GGG in bed. This is a very good way to try anything which as long as things remain in boundaries and are comfortable.

11. Building suspense.


It is important to stay apart for some time. Maybe arrange some weekend gateways with friends, even if for some hours. Then you’ll have some new stories to tell.

12. Dirty talking.


It may feel embarrassing at first. But once you get the hang of it, it’s life saver. Your sex life is sure to get a lot better.

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