A great number of objects you use on a daily basis have a weird feature whose purpose you probably don’t know.We don’t even think twice about that oddly placed hole, or the unusual shape of the item; we just take it for granted.But these peculiarities can be found on everyday objects as simple as pens, mugs, or wine bottles! And they have been placed there for a reason.

Designers don’t just put random things in random places on a whim! There is a secret purpose for every little detail. Just take a look at this list, compiled by Auntyacid, and you will find out how to use these common objects to their full potential.

1. Panhandles

The little hole in the panhandle has a dual purpose. One is to hang it up when you’re not using it. Another is to provide you with a place to put the wooden spoon to avoid smearing sauce on your counters.

2. Shirts

The loop on the back of your shirt was a feature added for the first time in the 60s. It helps you hang the shirt up on the locker peg and prevent it from creasing. But the loop had another meaning as well. In the American universities men would snip off the loop to show that they were in a relationship.

3. Wine bottles

The indent which can be found on the bottom of any wine bottle is called a punt. It serves to strengthen the bottle so it can withstand the pressure of the fermentation process which still goes on even after the wine is bottled. Also, the punt helps the bottle remain upright more easily.

4. Backpacks

The original purpose of the little panel on the back of some backpacks was to provide hikers with a place to attach the rope cable to.

5. Tape measures

You can use the little hole at the end of your tape measure to hook it onto a nail or a screw. This way the tape won’t slip off.

6. Plane windows

The holes in the plane’s windows serve to direct and maintain the pressure in the cabin.

7. Jeans

The mini pocket in jeans seems useless, doesn’t it? Well, it was designed to hold a pocket watch, so, by today’s standards, yes, it is quite useless.

8. Rear-view mirrors

The tab on the bottom helps you tip the angle of the rearview mirror. You can use it when the car behind you has their lights on full beam so you won’t get blinded.

9. Padlocks

The hole on the bottom of the padlock serves as an outlet for water. In winter, the water could freeze inside the padlock, and if it has no room to expand, then it could damage the lock. It could also be used to lubricate the lock.

10. Pens

If you thought that the hole at the end of your pen’s lid serves to prevent the ink from drying out, you were wrong. It has been put there for child safety purposes: if a child swallows the lid, they can still breathe even if the lid gets stuck in their throat.

11. iPhones

The hole next to the camera on the back of an iPhone is actually a microphone. Having a microphone on both sides of the phone allows for recording audio coming from different directions.

12. Fabric swatches

When you buy new clothing you usually get a little fabric swatch. You can test your detergent on it to find out if it will damage your new clothes.

13. Starbucks cups

You can use the lid from your Starbucks cup as a makeshift coaster.

14. Pasta spoons

Have you ever wandered why there is a hole in your pasta spoon? Well, it can be used to measure a single portion of spaghetti.

15. Rulers

The hole at the end of a ruler serves a crucial function! You can hang it up when you’re not using it.

16. Erasers

The blue bit of the eraser supposedly works on ink. But you need thicker paper, otherwise it will wipe both the ink and the paper from existence.

17. Converse

Converse shoes are equipped with little holes for air ventilation, which prevents your feet from getting too hot.

18. Power cables

The thing you can find on certain power cables is called a ferrite bead. It serves to suppress high-frequency noise in electronic circuits.

19. Bottle caps

The rings on the bottle caps prevent fizzy drinks from going flat. I know you want to, but don’t remove them.

20. Cans

The lid of a can can be turned around to become a straw-holder. But who uses a straw to drink from a can?

21. Underwear

The layer of soft fabric in the crotch area serves to provide comfort. The fabric of the underwear is sewn in such a way that they would be very uncomfortable if not for this little patch.

22. Beer bottles

The shape of the beer bottles is no accident. It provides an easier grip on the bottle while minimizing the amount of warmth transferred from the person holding it to the beer.

23. Ice cream scoopers

The different colors of the ice cream scoopers indicate their different sizes.

24. Trainers

Your trainers have extra eyelets to prevent the shoe from rubbing against your skin. They also serve to provide a greater ankle stability.

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