10 Honest Signs That Your Partner No Longer Loves You

Your relationship was all lovey-dovey until recently you notice a change in your partner’s behavior that has become a source of concern. Not knowing what to do, you are left insecure and paranoid.

The truth is, all might not be well in your relationship and they might have fallen out of love with you. when someone suddenly withdraws his/ her feelings, it’s only normal for you to feel worried. before you start thinking of ways to steer your relationship back to the right path, here are 10 sure tell-tale signs that they no longer love you. Whatever you find out, always trust your instincts.

#1 Lack of respect for you

Suddenly your partner disregards all the good moments you had, preferring to bring up the bad memories. they become so fixated on the negative that they lack any respect for you, your opinions, personality or even your work. constant disapproval and belittling your emotions at the slightest chance. Their sole motive is to make you feel bad about yourself.

#2 You don’t support each other anymore

As the days go by, it becomes increasingly harder to support each other. you notice a change in the relationship atmosphere and your partner seems less willing to take your side in front of others or even disregarding your story. likewise, you feel less eager to be involved in their affairs.

#3 Your partner’s plans don’t involve you

Notice how your partner’s plans don’t involve you. when they talk about their future, you are never mentioned. This is a clear indication that they don’t intend to be with you for long. The best thing to do is not trying to prove how important you are but making them learn the hard way, leave them alone.

#4 Your partner doesn’t explain themselves

Your partner suddenly feels they owe you no explanation whatsoever for whatever they’ve done. This tells you that you have no importance to them and certainly have zero influence over them. So they can think or do whatever they like without justifying their actions.

#5 Your partner makes you miserable

It gets so bad that you constantly feel unfulfilled, unhappy and unloved all courtesy of your partner. These are clear indications of a toxic relationship, the repetitive poisonous behaviors will ultimately ruin your love life. it’s only sensible if you throw out any thoughts about redeeming your relationship. move on and build your love life afresh with someone else.

#6 Making incessant excuses for not being at home

Staying at home for your partner has become increasingly difficult. You notice that they come home late giving lame excuses from working late and hanging out with friends. They are not willing to say who they were with and prefer the company of anyone but not you.

#7 Persistently blames you

You may have noticed that your partner formed a habit of blaming you for anything that happens. especially when its clear that they were in the wrong but somehow blame you.they might even go to a level where they blame you for anything negative that happens in their life. This is their own way of projecting their weaknesses to you as they try to make themselves feel better.

#8 Hiding their love or affection

If initially, they used to openly show their affection towards you, this will definitely decrease both physically and vocally. You will realize that there is so much you used to do when you were both madly in love that you do not do anymore. small acts like holding and squeezing hands, giving unexpected hugs slowly start to fade and you have to be the one initiating physical contact. they are never comfortable with public displays of affection and occasionally you’ll hear an ‘i love you too’ that they don’t really mean.

#9 Constantly thinks of others

Initially, you were the center of their thoughts, but recently your partner confines their thoughts to themselves, usually revolving around someone else. Your life and what happens in it are no longer part of their interest.

When your partner seems excited while talking about a person you don’t know, try to ask them sometime later. if they are uncomfortable talking about them in your presence or totally avoids the topic then it may be that person has unfortunately displaced you. other tell-tale signs include talking or texting someone you don’t know and being irate when asked about it.

#10 Reduced common interests

All of a sudden you cant hold those long conversations with your partner. when you are together, neither of you is interested in each other’s lives and have run out of topics to talk about. You discover that you are more comfortable alone, reading a magazine or using your tablet and totally avoid talking with your partner. Most often conversations end up in an awkward silence or conflict.

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